University of Maryland

SoDa Research Roundtables

Monday, March 22, 2021
1:00pm EST

Talk 1: Offering Participant Control and Tailored Introductions in Smartphone-based Passive Data Collections to Avoid Refusals
Presented by doctoral student Alex Brown Breslin, JPSM 

Talk 2: Trends in Trust: Measuring Americans’ Expectations for Trustworthy Research Use of Social Media Data
Presented by Sarah Gilbert, Postdoc, iSchool.

Upcoming Roundtables

April 26, 1 pm

Youngho Kim, UMD iSchool
Yuhan Luo, UMD iSchool

May 24, 1 pm 

Junaid Merchant, UMD Neuroscience and Cognitive Science program
Keaton Hyuckmin Kweon Ellis, UMD Department of Economics  

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