University of Maryland

SoDa Special Presentation in Celebration of Privacy Day: Quo Vadis, Digital Privacy?  Perceptions, Practices, and Policies

The Transatlantic Privacy Perceptions Panel (TAPP) and BERD@NFDI invite you to join the online discussion on perceptions, practices, and policies of digital privacy:

Privacy in Practice – Enhancing Privacy Literacy through an interactive Virtual Assistant (iVA)

The Diversity of Transatlantic Stakeholders’ Privacy Perceptions

How to Balance Data Sharing and Data Protection in the Development and Use of Al?

Jessica Vitak (University of Maryland), Leah von der Heyde (LMU Munich), and Zothan Mawii (University of Maryland) will present first results from TAPP’s quantitative and qualitative research on the diversity of transatlantic stakeholders’ privacy perceptions.Vasilka Stoilova (University of Mannheim) and Markus Herklotz (LMU Munich) from BERD@NFDI will show how the interactive Virtual Assistant (iVA) contributes to privacy literacy in practice.A panel discussion featuring Alena Buyx (TU Munich), Kobbi Nissim (Georgetown University), and Philipp Räther (Allianz) will explore how data sharing and protection can be balanced in the development and use of AI, moderated by Frauke Kreuter (LMU Munich & University of Maryland).

MODERATED BY: Frauke Kreuter
Co-Director, Social Data Science Center (SoDa)
Professor, Joint Program in Survey Methodology
University of Maryland
Chair of Statistics and Data Science in Social Sciences and the Humanities
Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich